Mothers Baby Nursing Pillows

At babiz, we view breastfeeding as so much more than providing your baby with the nutrition they need. It's about building a connection with your little one from the moment they're born - a connection that lasts a lifetime. 

Our nursing pillow was created with this in mind. It does, of course, make feeding your baby more comfortable and convenient. But the true meaning of our breastfeeding pillow is nurturing the bond between you and your baby - allowing happiness between the two of you, and developing a beautiful relationship. 

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Nursing Pillow features

The Mother's Baby nursing pillow is designed to provide maximum support for breastfeeding mums with a range of features.


Easy to clip on and off

Nursing Pillow Clip

Removable cushion cover - zip it off and put it in the wash

Nursing Pillow zip off


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There are 3 styles of nursing pillow. 

1. Basic Nursing Pillow

Nursing Pillow Basic

This pillow is one piece (without removable back support) and clips up on one side. It's our basic nursing pillow. 

2. Nursing Pillow with Adjustable Back Support

Nursing Pillow Adjustable back support

The adjustable back support on this pillow means you can move the back piece up and down to better suit your posture. You can also remove it altogether if you prefer. It's deeper than the basic pillow (from the top to bottom) and slightly larger, providing you more space at the front.

3. Twin Nursing Pillow

Nursing Pillow for Twins

This unique pillow design allows mamas of twins to feed both simultaneously. Use the 'football hold' to feed your twins on this pillow. 


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