Since it is founding, we have been carrying out various activities such as the development of practical products and services, partnerships with experts in each field, and social contribution projects as a basic philosophy of naturalistic child care.


- Establishment of a personal service provider
- Minimum
Representative International Breastfeeding Support Professional Qualification - Hospital and Postpartum Career Breastfeeding Consultant
- Home Visiting Training for Breastfeeding Problems
- Breastfeeding Supplies Distribution
- Babies Breastfeeding Clubs Birth
- Breast pump rental business


- Developed the first D-shaped sponge feeding cushion in Korea - Developed
a support
protector to protect the joints of pregnant women - Established the
Babies Breastfeeding Club franchise shop (Gyeongol branch) - Developed Mothers' Baby Breastfeeding Supplies (Breastfeeding


- Selected as the official participant company of Baby Fair in Japan


- Development of feeding cushion for twins
- Establishment of 'atopy Seoul' fair milk nursing room in Seoul


- Establishment of Mothers' Baby (private business) brand
- First development of 2nd generation big size breastfeeding cushion - Development of breastfeeding cushion
for D type - Establishment of   breastfeeding room
with 'Mother and baby
happy room' with population health welfare association
- Yongsan- Grand Hyatt hotels and
  100 yeogot breast Nursery installations
- national Public Health my hat bogeonsil breastfeeding product
  support and delivery
- population Health and welfare Association childbirth encouragement and
  breastfeeding program support and participation
- South Korea famous franchise stores Mothers Baby products supplier
- official Korea Care Center Association Vendors
  Famous cooks Franchisees Official suppliers
- Launch of world-class luxury brand imports such as Nolie Annalee


- Achieved online sales of 3 billion KRW
- Developed 3rd generation D-shaped slide feeding cushion
- Achieved online sales of 3 billion KRW
- Population Health and Welfare Association Supporting high risk pregnant women


- Switch to the Corporation bars beads Korea Corporation
- industry (pregnancy / maternity / nursing supplies) sector industry first achieved above
  (feeding cushions, wrist strap)
- Total Care suite composed for pregnant women
- Skin care products configuration
- Population Health and Welfare Association of the World Breastfeeding Week 'celebration
- Free training on the right breastfeeding attitude
- Global skin care brand Oxygen Facial
  Treatment Infrastructure Exclusive contract with Korea


- Fourth Generation Ergonomic D-shaped slide with memory foam
  nursing cushion initial development
- fair trade social enterprise 'trees' joined
- to promote milk production "Dandelion Steel Tea' localisation
- birth Baby entire family configuration - Republic of Korea representative
  ready growing infant brand


- Launching Angel Villa, a speciality brand for maternity goods
- Natural Baby Carrier, Exclusive contract with Babylonia Korea
- First export to UAE in Saudi Arabia - Participated in
Shanghai CBME exhibition - Participated in KINU
Eurasia Fashion Fair
Rising star 'Company selection


- CBME Shanghai Exhibition
- Bar business headquarters direct editing suite Open Shop Biel
- Taiwan
-day Women's Business Women's Minister of Family Best Economy Award
- China (Hong Kong) Export
- Netherlands kuka Korea exclusive agreement
- British Sailor Pin Korea Exclusive Agreement


- KSCI 2015 Consumer Satisfaction Index # 1 Award (Baby Category)
- Japanese exports
- China Changchun No. 1 suites Biel open
-naturalist Child laboratory installations
- Italy Brand Dudu agreement
- Italian brand La Chapeco agreement
- Italian brand Pietro Brewer Nelly agreement


- Shinsegae Department Store in Gangnam, Little Shinsegae Store
- E-Mart Store - Store in
Harbin Momo Elephant Store in China
- Online store in Japan
- Exclusive contract for Beauty Brand Perfect Potion in Australia
- Opening of
wholesale store in Guangzhou, China - Store in Starfield Hanam Store
- Gangseo NC Department Store / Bucheon Newcoa Outlet Store