CEO Greetings


I will lead the realisation of naturalistic childcare by supporting the birth of the whole family of happiness and all mum, dad, and baby's health in this world.

As you look at the growth of your child, you will notice that the years are so fast.
I think that I tried to be the best mother to my child and to be happy with the feeling that I gave birth to the first child 20 years ago and have the whole world. At that time, I did not use a common paper diaper, I hand washed with baby soap, boiled every day and sunscreen in the sun.

So I started to nurture people to think that there is nothing better for a person than anything else, especially the mother's milk. I have never dreamed that my mother's breast milk would cause problems because of the tradition of the old people. But breastfeeding was harder than I thought, and I was so sad.

Based on the breastfeeding support project that started to protect my baby's health and family happiness, I will raise up a child and share the difficulty that I have felt with many people.
In addition, I will lead the birth of a family that is full of happiness and the health of all mothers, dads and babies in the world, and I will lead the realisation of naturalistic child care.