babiz supports growing families with beautiful, environmentally-friendly products and personalised services.


Our brand story.

babiz was grown from an idea to support breastfeeding mothers, and today encompasses a family of brands for growing families.
When our co-founder So-ra, who has always cared for the environment and living sustainably, became a mother for the first time she decided to breastfeed her children and use cloth diapers. However, she found breastfeeding her babies to be an extremely difficult task. Her husband Charlie, who worked in the infant industry, suggested she train as a breastfeeding expert so she could support not only herself but other mothers having difficulty with breastfeeding. As an active expert of breastfeeding ever since she wondered ‘why there are no products in Korea that help to breastfeed mothers’.
And so our journey began.

Charlie and So-ra, now parents of two children, decided to do something about the lack of products designed to support breastfeeding mothers. They created ‘mother's baby’, a professional breastfeeding brand that practices naturalistic child care. Later they created ‘angelb.’ a brand of infants' clothing using organic and sustainable sources, and ‘Beaile Suite’ a professional education and culture space that offers supportive services for families. As a group of brands, babiz supports families from the precious experience of childbirth through the early days of infant life and on through wonderful stages of family growth.

In 2016 we are pleased to bring two of our brands, angelb. and mother's baby, to Australia.

Our logo.

 babiz logo

As a brand that encourages and supports creation and growth of families love among family members and generations, and communities living together, the lowercase ‘babiz’  represents the friendly, wise and honest attitudes of the company as a companion of customers and employees. Our colour ‘Sunrise Red’ references the beginning of a radiant new day in the creation of a family, represents love among customers, family members and generations, and reinforces the passionate vision of all executives and employees at babiz.