There are so many how-to-books, apps, gadgets and toys out there proclaiming to help you create a smart baby. But the best way to accelerate your baby’s development doesn’t necessarily have to involve expensive fancy gizmos or the ‘latest and greatest’. A few simple, often inexpensive, things may assist you to create a smart baby. More than that though, it will help you create a healthy and happy one!

Smart babies

Introduce books from birth

One of the greatest gifts you can give your child is a love of reading. This type of baby stimulation can start from birth. They won’t understand a word of what you’re saying but the rhythm of your voice reading will be very soothing to them. As they grow, the more you read to them, the more your voice will stimulate their interest in sounds and develop their listening skills. Before you know it, they’ll be crawling onto your lap, pointing to pictures and even trying imitate you reading! If you make reading a part of their bedtime routine, this can carry through to their later years. It will hold them in good stead at school as reading is fundamental to increasing their vocabulary and assisting them with their writing skills.


Listen to that beat

Music is a fantastic baby stimulation, as well as baby development, tool. It enhances brain function by developing neural pathways to help make meaningful connections. It promotes the release of endorphins which are great for mental health (admit it, don’t you feel great when you’re rocking out to your favourite song at home with your hairbrush microphone?). Music also caters to all sort of learning styles whether you learn physically (using instruments), verbally (singing) or even logically (deciphering how music is made). You don’t have to join a music class or enroll in lessons for your baby to reap the rewards of music – although if you want to, go for it as it can be a great social outing. You can simply sing, rock and dance with them at home. As they get older, teach them little rhymes or get out the ‘ole pots and pans for a drumming session. Sometimes a simple rhyming song incorporating some beats on their various body parts can make nappy changing time a lot of fun.


Food for thought

Breastfeeding is the best start you can give your baby both physically and mentally. It’s the ultimate bespoke solution for your child. Research suggests that during the first two years of a child’s life, their brain grows to three-quarters of its full adult size. So it make sense that what you feed your child will have an impact on how well they grow, including their brain. When it’s time to start solids, stick to the natural stuff as much as possible, limiting processed sugars and fats. It’s all common sense but in these busy times, the simple things often get lost.


‘You’ time

We’ve saved the most important point to last. The best way to speed up baby development is to give them as much ‘you’ time as you can. After all, you are the most important person in their little life. You are their world. Reading, singing and listening to music all have you in common and rightly so. Games are also a great way to up your bonding time and our post, Top ten wonderful games to play with baby, has some great ideas.


These are just some ways of boosting baby development and possibly create a smart baby. But it’s important to note that isn’t the end goal - a happy and healthy baby is. By doing some, or even all of the above, we hope you reach that height.

We hope you find our articles helpful. As always, we provide this information for your reference but keep in mind it is not professional health or medical advice. We encourage you to speak to your GP or specialist if you have concerns about your baby’s health and development.